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Due to the application of implants loss of teeth is not a problem. If you have lost a tooth, you feel any discomfort while eating or speaking or you are ashamed of your smile, implants will probably be the perfect solution for you.

We present answers to the most common questions regarding implants to you.


What is a dental implant?

The application of the implant aims at reconstructing one or several teeth. It is a titanium screw replacing the lost root of the tooth.

Are dental implants safe and how long will they serve me?

Implants are safe. We can say that implants - like natural teeth - will be with us as long as we take care of them. It is the way we care for hygiene and frequency of control dental appointments at the Wichlinski Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology Centre have the greatest influence on durability of implants.

The manufacturer of the implants used at our Centre provides a lifetime guarantee on each implant.

Are the implants applicable in each situation when we want to fill the missing tooth?

This depends on, among others, the quality and quantity of the upper or lower jaw bone. Specialists from the Wichlinski Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology Centre refer the patient to the proper examinations, including, e.g. a CT examination to check the bone conditions with reference to the dental implant procedure. If the sufficient amount of healthy bone is missing, it will be impossible to insert the implant without its regeneration within the scope of planned procedure.

Is the dental implant procedure painful?

The procedure is painless. Insertion of the implant is frequently a less advanced procedure than tooth extraction and its is performed under local anesthesia. Within a week following the procedure - similarly to the extraction - you can feel mild discomfort.

How long does the dental implant treatment last?

Specialists from the Wichlinski Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology Centre will provide you with the treatment plan and duration before its commencement. We will do our best to adjust it to your needs and capabilities.

In particular cases it is possible to attach the tooth crown on the implantation day. In other cases, reconstruction of the tooth crown takes place during the period from 12 weeks following the implementation date. During the period of implant fixation it is possible to apply the so-called temporary crowns.

Are the implants visible?

In most cases prosthetic reconstructions performed on the implants look like natural teeth.

How much does the dental implant treatment cost?

The dental implant treatment is frequently insignificantly more expensive than treatment with the application of bridges and crowns. Over the long term, the dental implant treatment turns out to be more economical and satisfactory for the patient.

There are numerous benefits from the application of implants, such as: comfort while eating meals as compared to the application of the conventional prostheses.

After the dental implant procedure the patients have a regular contact with the doctor through an outpatient telephone helpline 7 days a week.


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