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Grzegorz K. (25 February 2016)

The standard of services at the highest level.

Marcin D. (11 February 2016)

The level of services your Clinic provides is unavailable within several dozen kilometres. Equipment, Staff, Devices, Procedure Rooms, Waiting Room and Personnel are at such a high level that many specialists can envy. I have had several various procedures and I am very satisfied with each of them. I recommend to everyone.

Multipede in disguise (10 February 2016)

Good and kind service, doctors are not robots and you can talk to them humanly. The level of services is very high, after two-year extensive treatment and exchange of almost half of the keyboard I must admit the work has been performed perfectly. Greetings for the Doctor 'And do you know this joke...'.

www.polki.pl-nick: Michał W. (4 February 2015)

I am satisfied with treatment at this dental office. I extracted a tooth, a painful tooth number 8. Pain-free procedure, afterwards I received an ice pack and 1 took one painkiller in general. I am impressed I did not suffer, I did not feel pain and I was able to go to work. My tooth was extracted by doctor Wichliński, a very nice person and a great specialist.

Aneta G. (3 December 2015)

I have been a patient of the Dentistry Centre for some time. Nowhere else have I experienced such a great attitude towards the patient and a very nice atmosphere. Here, doctor Szybist who has excellent approach to the patient and 'knows his stuff' deserves to be complemented. Finally, we have a good place in Gorlice where you can take care of your teeth as well as a great specialist.

Jakub P. (24 November 2015)

Experts in every detail, knowledge and skills of the doctors are at the highest level. Dental appointments are a pure pleasure! I recommend!

Marta W. (23 November 2015)

Very professional attitude towards the patient, well-equipped offices and - first of all - specialists who are experts in their work. They always present treatment plan and explain the problem and - what is the most important - they ensure accurate and reliable performance.

www.polki.pl-nick: Jadzia77 (22 November 2015)

4 years ago I lost teeth as a result of the disease. Most dentists refused treatment to me, which made me unwilling to leave the house taking into consideration my problems. During the consultation in this office it turned out that it was possible to repair my teeth, however, bone should be properly prepared. I decided for treatment that was completed in September. I am satisfied and that is why I recommend this dental office!

Joanna M. (31 October 2015)

A place worth recommending. Great doctors as well as dental assistants and hygienists, always kind and helpful.

Natalia A. (6 July 2015)

A reliable clinic! Professional specialists. I recommend.

www.polki.pl-nick: Momaster (16 February 2013)

I was a patient of this dental office earlier, unfortunately - encouraged by my friend - I changed the doctor...The doctor did not cope with my tooth, I still felt pain, although it was subject to root-canal treatment. I came here again, this time straight to doctor Bieszczad. After taking an X-ray he diagnosed perforation of the root with a dental borer and improper root-canal treatment. In an emergency mode he arranged the appointment, he placed a special material onto the perforation site, he treated the tooth once again and applied a filling with a special glass fibre-reinforced post. Each stage was discussed with me showing me images. For two years it has been in perfect condition and I have already been completing the treatment of my bad teeth. I paid some money, however, taking into account the fact that dentists in other dental offices did not undertake this task it was worth paying to save this tooth.


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