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Performing an excellent prosthetic work largely depends on the precision of the impression taking process. A classic impression taken with an impression tray is burdened with a high risk of error because it is transported to a prosthetic laboratory where a technician casts a gypsum model of it. The model thus obtained becomes the foundation of the prosthetic work, but the impact of external factors coming into play in the process of its development may result in differences in relation to the patient's actual stomatognathic system. As a result, the outcome of prosthetic work may not be perfect. 

The research conducted in recent years, the evolution of technology and the digitisation of medical processes have contributed to the development of a new scanning-based method of impression taking. For this purpose, instead of the traditional putty filled tray, we use the Trios3shape intravascular scanner to take impressions. The virtual impression thus obtained has an incredible accuracy of 6.9 - 0.9 μm. The impression taken by means of an impression tray may have a reproduction accuracy up to 150 μm. The difference has a direct impact on the quality of prosthetic work and thus on patient’s satisfaction. Furthermore, 100% of patients tested at the University of Bern preferred a digital impression to the analogue one (taken using an impression tray and putty).

Jaw scans are then sent as a file to the lab where special printers print a 3D model based on them. The model is a very accurate representation of the actual jaws, because the factors which could affect its distortion are limited to the minimum.

The use of the intraoral scanner results not only in a perfect prosthetic work but also in better planning of implant treatment. Additional software - Implant Studio Planner, which is already available at the Wichlińscy Dental Centre, allows for "virtual implantation." With this tool, the implantologist can more accurately determine the type of implant and its position even before the surgery. This is very important in the implant-prosthetic treatment process, because it determines the success of the next stage of the treatment and therefore the precision of the prosthetic work.


3 Shape Trios is a device very accurate and easy to use, designed to edit hundreds or even thousands of 3D images to achieve the desired 3D impression necessary for the planning and creation of, among others, prosthetic restoration.



Dental impression is taken in a more comfortable way

The ergonomic shape of the scanner handle dramatically reduces or even eliminates the discomfort associated with the impression taking. Its technologies allow for scanning the teeth at any angle of the scanner position so that the scan takes place in the position which is most comfortable for the patient.

Digital impression taking is invaluable in patients suffering from, among others, gag reflex while the impressions are taken by means of an impression tray. Scanning can be interrupted at any moment and then recommenced at any time convenient for the patient.

The time of treatment is much shorter

Scanning can take up to 60 seconds. Files generated during the scanning are sent to the prosthetic laboratory in the next minute. Errors connected with impression inaccuracies and the resulting necessity of repetition have been minimised. There are no additional visits and the time of waiting for prosthetic restoration is optimised.


The highest precision in the matching of prosthetic crowns prolongs their service life!

The accuracy of the scans obtained allows for precise prosthetic restoration. An ideally executed reconstruction is more durable and more comfortable to use.

We recommend scanning the dental arches with the intraoral scanner, because the resulting files become invaluable documentation in case of natural teeth loss, so that an ideal rendering of the lost teeth can be achieved in the course of prosthetic treatment.


We want dental implants to stay with our patients for a lifetime. That is why we offer only a proven certified premium system.

The Astra Tech Implant System EV offers implants similar to perfection due to the combination of several key unique-to-the-system features that are called by a manufacturer 'Biomanagement Complex'.

The most important stage of the implant evolution is providing the patients with predictable and long-term level of bones and good aesthetic effects.

The Astra Tech Implants are manufactured from commercially pure titanium (Grade 4), they possess impressive coefficients of tensile strength. They have been subject to mechanical integrity test using loading methods. These implants are stronger than their predecessors by 47%. Airtightness of the connection between the implant and the abutment has also been tested. The presence of the micro-leakages is treated as a factor contributing to developing inflammatory reactions in the adherent tissues. Micro-leakages have not been detected on the Astra Tech EV dental implants in the performed tests.

The manufacturer of the Astra Tech Implant System EV has conducted several hundred clinical tests in cooperation with scientists from the entire world. The research is constantly being carried out and you can read more about this at the website: http://www.dentsplyimplants.pl/Science/Clinical-research/Clinical-research-Fully-sponsored-studies



Making the correct diagnosis is of key importance to success of each treatment. Our Centre possesses a unit - The Wichlińscy and Bieszczad Dental Radiology - equipped with a modern computed tomograph. The application of the advanced imaging systems allows to plan the procedures within the scope of implantology, dental surgery, endodontics, dental prosthetics and orthodontics carefully. 



All cycles of sterilization processes conducted at the Wichlińscy Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology Clinic are controlled and monitored. Due to maintaining the highest standards we provide our patients with 100% certainty that all applied instruments are aseptic. Computer registration and control of the parameters of each sterile package guarantee its quality. There is no room for errors as specific data regarding sterilization cycle are scanned with the application of the code reader from the instrument packaging and registered at the patient's record each time.



The Wichlińscy Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology Clinic constitutes a modern dental and diagnostic centre equipped with air recuperation system. This technology provides the patients staying at our Clinic with continuous access to fresh air, also in the winter, without external air heating. During the summer period all rooms are cooled using air conditioning system. Due to this we provide our patients with thermal comfort. Recuperation is a heat recovery process and thanks to this less energy is used for heating and - at the same time - we limit interference in the natural environment.



Treatment at the Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology Clinic is provided on the basis of attested materials of the best manufacturers. Applied products possess the current product data sheets that are in compliance with binding standards as well as occupational health and data safety, which guarantees safety of their application.