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Sudden toothache

The essential domain of the Centre is to provide assistance to those most in need. Consequently, if you feel a toothache, contact our reception and ask for fixing the date of the dental appointment as a matter of priority.

Missing teeth

A missing tooth often means quite a few problems. The consequence of the missing teeth can be, among others, an impaired masticatory function, malocclusion, speech defect, loosening of the neighbouring teeth or even - in extreme cases - unfavourable changes of the facial features. Missing teeth may not only result in the dysfunction of the stomatognathic system but due to lowered esthetic features may influence psyche in vulnerable people as well.

The most effective method of filling the missing teeth is to place implants in their place. The implants take over the function of tooth roots. Prosthetic reconstructions on the implants allow for perfect projection of the natural teeth. The implants provide the stable 'foundation' for all kinds of prosthetic reconstructions giving an advantage to removable dentures.

The patients with prosthetic works on the implants talk about the benefits comparable to possessing natural teeth.

Thus, the implants are the closest to nature in the situation when we have lost teeth for various reasons allowing to restore the lost masticatory functions effectively and improve the aesthetics of the smile considerably improving the quality of life.

Difficult eruption of the wisdom teeth

The most frequent of the problems related to eruption of wisdom teeth is a lack of the sufficient place in the maxilla or mandible. Each such a case requires an X-ray examination. On the basis of the X-ray image a surgeon decides about further treatment.

Displaced teeth

Contemporary dentistry offers several solutions to correct teeth alignment. The patient can undergo orthodontic treatment that will ensure desired changes. Making changes is also possible due to the application of veneers, crowns and bridges. Due to them we will achieve spectacular changes in a short time.

Yellow teeth

A yellow shade of the enamel may be an effect of the improper diet, smoking, inappropriate hygiene or a result of the hard dental tissue mineralization disorders.

If you dream about a snow-white smile you should choose professional whitening at the Wichliński Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology Centre. Why is it so important for tooth whitening to be professional? Because only procedures performed by specialists are safe for the enamel and they guarantee immediate, often spectacular effects. In the first place we recommend the hygienization procedures of the oral cavity with their sandblasting using secure sand to our patients. During this procedure tartar and discolouration of enamel are removed in a safe way. After such a simple hygienic procedure lightening of the teeth can be obtained. If there are no contraindications after the consultation with a dentist, teeth prepared this way can be subject to professional whitening procedure.

Sensitive teeth

A toothache during consuming hot, cold, sour or sweet meals can be caused by their tooth sensitivity. In the patients suffering from this ailment we use the professional line of products for treating sensitivity with a good effect.