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At the Wichlińscy Dental Clinics we use a proven and certified premium implant system since we want dental implants to stay with our patients for life.

The Astra Tech EV system offers implants close to perfection through a combination of several key features unique to the system, called the BioManagement Complex by the manufacturer.

The BioManagement Complex, includes:

OsseSpeed – a unique, fluorine-modified nano-structure of the implant surface that stimulates bone formation in the early stages of healing and ensures a stronger connection between the bone and the implant surface

MicroThread – fine thread on the neck of the implant ensuring optimal load and stress distribution 

Advantages of the Astra Tech EV premium implant system

High aesthetic effect of prosthetic restorations

Maintenance of the predictable and long-lasting bone level around the implant

Suitable for all indications

Made of pure titanium (Grade 4)

No micro-leakage causing inflammation around the implants

Large database of clinical (several hundred) and scientific studies confirming their effectiveness

Compatible with digital navigation systems

A summary of available clinical data with the list of the most important published studies supporting its use: