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Computed tomography with 3D imaging

Each dental office at our clinics is
equipped with a point-of-care
x-ray unit including radiovisiography

Computed tomography with 3D imaging

The Wichlińscy Dental Clinic in Krakow is equipped with an advanced CS 9300 computed tomography with a pantomograph and a cephalometric module.

The Wichlińscy and Bieszczad Dental Radiology is equipped with the latest CS 9600 3D CT scanner.

Benefits from using computed tomography with 3D Carestream imaging

High precision and accuracy of examination (easier diagnosis of diseases)

Complete digitalization (application in computer navigation and virtual smile planning)

Low radiation dose (ALARA protocol)

Accurate mapping of the relevant anatomical aspects

Possibility of more accurate planning of the surgical procedures

Increased effectiveness of the root canal treatment

Increased safety of the performed procedures

We perform the following examinations: 

Tooth radiographs (rvg)

Orthopantomographic images (‘panoramas’), also in paediatric mode

Computed tomography of the maxilla and mandible

Computed tomography of the temporomandibular joint

Computed tomography of the sinuses

Cephalometric radiographs (Krakow Clinic)