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Navigation in endodontics

Thanks to the application of modern technologies: computed tomography and intra-oral scanner, using the software applied in the planning of implant treatment, it is possible to increase effectiveness of endodontic treatment in the most difficult cases in a significant way.

How does it work?

Tomographic examination of the tooth + intra-oral scan

Planning of the endodontic template

Precise opening of the tooth and effective root canal treatment

Benefits for the patient

Possibility to assist in the treatment of difficult endodontic cases (canal obliteration, internal resorptions)

Micro-invasive opening of the tooth (minimal destruction of the tooth crown)

Increased chance of success in the root canal treatment

This is a measurement technique consisting in quantitative measurement of transmission or reflection of light through the sample. At our clinics for years we have been successfully using Spectroshade devices that are advanced spectrophotometers  to assess the colour of our patients’ teeth.