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in Implantology

A tool enabling the dentist to plan and conduct the implantation procedure precisely.

nawigacja w implantologii

How does it work?

It is a computer programme allowing for combination of the intra-oral scans of the patient with computed tomography (cbct). The dentist plans the location of the implants, chooses their shape and size in 3D technology. A SURGICAL GUIDE is printed on the basis of the plan. 

What is a surgical guide?

A single-use surgical tool (printed from biocompatible resin) that allows for precise placement of the dental implants.

Computer navigation system enables to plan the
whole prosthetic work virtually, from the implant
placement to the final prosthetic reconstruction.

Navigation system
– Key benefits
for the patient

  • Implants in difficult anatomical conditions (accuracy up to 0.1 mm) 
  • Minimisation of the necessity of bone reconstruction before implantation, saving time and money. 
  • Reducing the extent of the procedure and healing time (MINIMUM INVASIVENESS!) 
  • Increase effectiveness and predictability of treatment 
  • Increased safety of the procedure 
  • Reduction of possible complications 
  • Shortening of the procedure time 
  • Possibility of providing the temporary prosthetic restoration during the implantation procedure 
  • Suitability for single or multiple implantations 
  • Possibility to plan screw-retained prosthetic restorations (elimination of cement – a frequent cause of inflammatory conditions)

Planning of the implant treatment takes place with the application of the Implant Studio Practice programme