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Digital impressions in orthodontics

Shorter appointment time

Higher accuracy

Fast and comfortable procedure

Without necessity to use the impression material (minimisation of the vomiting reflex)

Real-time 3D visualisation

Possibility of creating the virtual models

Digital orthodontic analysis

Taking scans of the teeth enables to create the virtual models based on which an individual orthodontic treatment plan is formed. 

Digital treatment planning:

3D occlusion analysis

Computerised measurements with the highest level of accuracy

Virtual setup – setting teeth in new positions on the computer screen

Visualisation of treatment effects

Treatment with
Orthocaps trays

Orthocaps trays constitute an alternative to fixed braces. The system uses sets of the individually-designed and almost invisible trays allowing for correction of up to 90% of the malocclusions. It is based on a pair of trays (Twin-Aligner®), one is used for daytime wear and another one for night-time wear. The trays provide pressure of very gentle forces that straighten the teeth naturally by acting continuously. 

What does the treatment procedure look like?

Why is it worth choosing Orthocaps?  

No metal parts on the teeth

Possibility to remove the tray for a short period of time

Visualisation of the treatment effect before the beginning of the treatment

100% biocompatibility

Treatment based on the most modern technologies

High wearing comfort

Orthocaps trays are crystal clear

Very easy to clean

Navigation in orthodontics

in orthodontics

In modern orthodontics, a wide range of braces based on orthodontic mini-implants applied. We use digital impressions and implant templates to insert the mini-implants. 

Advantages of implantation of the orthodontic mini-screws with the use of the template:

Digital planning of the implant site – precise support site for the braces

Increased accuracy of the procedure

Reduced procedure time

Increased safety – reduced risk of damaging tooth roots and other adjacent structures

Possibility of immediate placement  of the braces on the inserted mini-implants