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Dental prosthetics

Prosthetics is one of the most rapidly developing fields of cosmetic dentistry. In the recent years it has implemented advanced technologies enabling to achieve both high functional and aesthetic effects.

It deals with reconstruction of hard tissues of teeth, missing teeth, improvement and restoration of the masticatory function. We use all modern prosthetic solutions at our clinics.

At the Wichlińscy Dental Clinics, we focus on constant development and advanced technologies. Most cases of missing teeth can be restored by performing implant treatment supported by new technologies.


protetyka stomatologiczna

Fixed prosthetic restorations





The most commonly used material is porcelain on metal and metal-free frameworks.

Metal-free works:

High aesthetics

Good integration of the prosthetic restoration with surrounding tissues

Long-lasting aesthetic effect with the scope of soft tissue

Less artefacts in the event of RNM or CT 

Metal-free – bio-compliance with body fluids, a lower risk of allergies

Removable prosthetic restorations

Removable restorations are applied when a patient loses many teeth or the quality of the teeth does not allow the application of fixed restorations. 

Types of removable dentures:

Skeletal dentures

  • Clasp dentures
  • Non-clasp dentures
  • Telescopic dentures

Complete dentures

Non-clasp dentures – advantages

High aesthetics (no visible clasps)

Excellent retention on the substrate

Possibility of maintaining high hygiene

protezy teleskopowe zalety

Telescopic dentures – advantages

They use teeth with worse prognosis and improve the condition of teeth through splinting effect 

They condition good maintenance of the denture in the oral cavity even with few teeth of the patient

Very good aesthetics of the dentures

Possibility of using this type of the denture in combination with residual dentition, i.e. a small number of teeth with insertion of an implant/implants (MORE)

Reduction of the palatal plate of the denture or even the use of the denture without the plate, the so-called removable bridge.

We have been using telescopic dentures in our clinics for years with great success!


Implantoprosthetics significantly
broadens the possibilities
of conventional prosthetics

We perform implantoprosthetic treatment with the application of the premium Astra Tech EV system. We use only high quality original implant components. All Atlantis implant abutments are individually designed for the patient.

Implantoprosthetic treatment is supported with modern digital technologies (intraoral scanner, computer-assisted prosthetic planning, spectrophotometry for colour selection). Both the applied implants and the individually-designed implant abutments have a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.

Why us?

Specialist doctors

Many years of clinical experience

Full range of prosthetic services

High quality diagnostic equipment

Digital technologies (intra-oral scanner – Trios 3shape, spectrophotometers – Spectroshade)

The scope of services

Full range of implantoprosthetic treatment

All-ceramic crowns and bridges (high aesthetics and biocompatibility)

All-ceramic veneers

Milled metal-ceramic crowns and bridges

Non-clasp removable restorations

Removable restorations based on telescopic crowns

Complete dentures