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Endodontics is a branch of conservative dentistry dealing with treatment of teeth with inflammatory conditions of the pulp and periapical tissues. Root canal treatment is often the only way to save a caries-affected tooth from extraction.

Deep, untreated carious cavity leads to bacterial infection of the tooth pulp and development of irreversible inflammation, which may be accompanied by severe pain ailments. Withholding root canal treatment at this stage leads to development of pulp necrosis and chronic inflammation of the tissues surrounding the root (periapical lesion). Exacerbation of the chronic inflammation in the vicinity of the root constitutes the cause of abscesses and severe pain.

What are the stages of root canal treatment?

Removal of the infected tissue from the chamber and root canals.

Chemical-mechanical preparation of the canals.

Tight filling of the canals.

Restoration of the damaged tooth crown.

Our procedures

Radiological diagnostics with the use of computed tomography

Isolation of the treatment field with cofferdam

Work under magnification using a dental operating microscope

Work with machine and ultrasound tools

Thermal methods of root canal filling using the Beefill system

Computer-assisted root canal treatment