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What does orthodontics deal with?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which includes treatment of malocclusion. The objective of the treatment is to improve aesthetics and function of the masticatory organ.

At the Wichlińscy Dental Clinics, we focus on constant development and advanced technologies.

Benefits from the normal teeth alignment:

Restored aesthetics of the smile

Facilitating to maintain perfect oral hygiene

Healthy periodontium

Uniform distribution of chewing forces 

Protection against excessive tooth wear

Proper functioning of the temporomandibular joints

When to start treatment?

Contemporary orthodontics has no age limits – treatment is possible for both children and adult patients.

According to the recommendations of the Polish Association of Stomatology, each child should be examined at the age of 9 by an orthodontist to assess development of dentition and – possibly – detect the malocclusion.

Types of orthodontic braces used at the Wichlińscy Dental Clinics

Fixed metal braces

Fixed aesthetic braces

Dental braces based on the Cannon Ultra system

Removable braces

Orthodontic mini-implants

Benefit system

Orthocaps trays 

Treatment process

Consultation (assessment of indications to treatment, treatment options)

Full orthodontic diagnostics (photographic documentation, X-ray, scans, impressions)

Presentation of the treatment plan

Insertion of the braces

Control appointments

Completion of treatment

Retention (braces maintaining the effect of the treatment)

Indications for orthodontic treatment

Crowding of teeth

Retained teeth

Enlarged horizontal bite

Deep bite

Tilting of the upper incisal teeth

Negative horizontal bite

Anterior cross bite 

Missing tooth/teeth where orthodontic treatment may be an alternative to prosthetic treatment

Cross bite/scissors bite 

Open bite

Tooth wear (attrition)