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Paediatric dentistry

Pedodontics (paediatric dentistry) deals with:

Prevention of caries in children (fluoridation, sealing)

Treatment of caries of the deciduous and permanent teeth

Endodontic treatment in children

Treatment of the post-traumatic conditions

Removal of deciduous teeth

We remind you that untreated deciduous teeth hurt in the same way as permanent teeth. The condition of the deciduous teeth determines the kind of permanent teeth your child will have, therefore we join this action: Treat deciduous teeth!

What is an adaptation appointment?

The first appointment of the child should take place already after eruption of the first tooth – this is the so-called adaptation appointment. It often consists only in the examination of teeth by a dentist, hygiene assessment, giving recommendations and also familiarization of the child with the environment of the dental surgery. The properly planned and conducted first appointment of your child can make them eager to come to subsequent appointments as well as make daily oral hygiene one of the most anticipated events of the day.

We ensure:

Painless treatment

Coloured fillings in deciduous teeth

X-rays ensuring minimal radiation dose in the ‘baby’ mode

Rewards for brave patients

How often should I visit the dentist with my child?

A dental check-up in children should take place once every 3-6 months.