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Periodontology is a branch of dentistry which deals with prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases and oral mucosa.

Periodontal procedures allow for correction of the gum line and obtaining of the harmonious smile in an interdisciplinary approach.


When is the periodontal
consultation necessary?

If you observe the symptoms, such as:

Bleeding gums

Swelling and redness of gums

Teeth hypersensitivity

Teeth loosening

Exposed tooth necks

Changes in the oral mucosa

Unpleasant odour from the mouth

The scope of treatment:

Professional hygienisation (supragingival and subgingival scaling)

Open and closed curettage

Treatment of gingival recessions

Lengthening of clinical crowns

Correction of the gum smile  (procedures improving the appearance, course and symmetry of the gums in the aesthetic zone)

Procedures including frenula

Teeth splinting

Treatment of lesions on the oral mucosa