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Financing the treatment

In order to meet the expectations of our Patients, we offer the possibility of financing the treatment through the system Medi Raty. It is necessary to be creditworthy to take advantage of the system.  

All the formalities related to joining the system Medi Raty are coordinated by the administrative staff of our Clinics on the basis of the information obtained from our Patients. The amount of the installment and repayment period may be adjusted to individual possibilities. In order to obtain the information on treatment and its costs, we invite you to consultations.

Finansowanie leczenia

NZOZ Centrum Stomatologii Civil Partnership Justyna Wichlińska, Jarosław Wichliński informs about receiving the financial subsidy from the Polish Development Fund within the framework of the PFR Financial Shield for Small and Medium Companies programme launched on 29 April 2020.