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Implant treatment consists in dental reconstruction with the application of dental implants. At the Wichlińscy Dental Clinics, we use the proven and certified premium Astra Tech EV Implant System.


At our Clinics, each implant treatment is preceded with thorough radiological diagnostics with the use of advanced computed tomography (Cbct with 3D visualisation). The next stage is scanning with an intra-oral scanner in order to plan the treatment with the application of specialised software that is a part of the process called ‘navigation in implantology’.



What is an implant crown?

This is a crown that is attached to the implant platform using an abutment. Due to digitisation of treatment planning, we try to make all the crowns screwed.

By eliminating the use of cement we reduce the likelihood of inflammatory conditions by the implants!


What is an abutment?

This is a component of the implant system which is screwed onto the implant. The final crown is screwed or cemented on the abutment.

We only make individually-designed Atlantic abutments!


Why implants?

  • A long-term solution restoring a high quality of life
  • Teeth placed on the implants are identical to natural teeth
  • It is not necessary to grind the neighbouring teeth in order to make a bridge
  • They imitate the anatomy of the natural tooth roots
  • A safe and proven solution when it is necessary to replace one or more missing teeth
  • They stimulate the jawbone, mandibular bone and gums, providing an attractive and aesthetic effect while facilitating the support of the facial structures
  • Solutions for each situation

When to get implants?

When one tooth is missing

The optimal solution is a crown attached to a dental implant

Advantages – it is not necessary to prepare the adjacent teeth for a bridge


Dental implants

When several teeth are missing


When all teeth are missing

Optimal solutions: A full bridge attached to several dental implants. A removable denture attached to two or more dental implants – the denture is placed securely in place, but it can be easily removed for cleaning

Ilustration of a dental implant


Why us?

Only premium class implants

High class diagnostic equipment

All procedures are planned by computer (computer navigation)

Possibility to perform the procedures without the need for cutting and sewing (flap-free  preparation/without preparation of the tissue)

Each procedure is based on a surgical template (the highest safety)

We only use individually-designed Atlantis abutments

We use mostly screw-retained (without cement – a frequent cause of inflammation) works 

Post-operative care for a patient subject to implant treatment 


Who can benefit from dental implants?

The jawbone and mandibular bone must be fully mature for placing the dental implant. This is why dental implants are usually placed in patients who are at least 18 years of age.

Are dental implants safe and how long will they last?

Implants are safe. We can say that implants, like natural teeth, will be with us as long as we take care of them. It is the way we take care of hygiene and frequency of control appointments at the Wichlińscy Dental Clinics that have the greatest influence on lifespan of the implants. The manufacturer of implants used at our Clinics gives a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on each implant.

Are the implants applicable in each situation when we want to fill the missing tooth? 

This depends on, among others, the quality and quantity of the jawbone and mandibular bone. Specialists from the Wichlińscy Dental Clinics refer the patient to the proper examinations, including, e.g. a CT examination to check the bone conditions in relation to the procedure of implantation. If the amount of healthy bone is insufficient, it will be impossible to insert the implant without its regeneration within the planned procedure.

Is the procedure of implantation painful? 

The procedure is painless. Insertion of the implant is frequently a less complicated procedure than tooth extraction and it is performed under local anesthesia. Within a week following the procedure – similarly to the extraction – you can feel mild discomfort. 

How long does the dental implant treatment last? 

Specialists from the Wichlińscy Dental Clinics will provide you with the treatment plan and duration before its commencement. We will do our best to adjust it to your needs and capabilities. In particular cases, it is possible to attach the tooth crown on the implantation day. In other cases, reconstruction of the tooth crown takes place during the period from 12 weeks following the implantation date. During the period of implant fixation it is possible to apply the so-called temporary crowns. During the period of implant fixation it is possible to apply materials for temporary restorations. 

Are the implants visible?

In most cases prosthetic reconstructions performed on the implants look like natural teeth. 

How much does the dental implant treatment cost? 

The dental implant treatment is frequently more expensive than treatment with the application of bridges and crowns. Over the long term, however, dental implant treatment turns out to be a more economical and satisfactory solution for the patient. 

There are more benefits from the application of the implants, such as: comfort while eating meals as compared to the application of the conventional prostheses. 

After the procedure of implantation, the patients have a regular contact with the dentist  through an outpatient telephone helpline 7 days a week. 

Are there any diseases that might prevent placement of the implant? 

In most cases, implant treatment is possible if a local or general disease is under control. Your dentist will evaluate your specific case in detail before determining the possibility of applying implant-prosthetic treatment. 

Can I chew and eat normally with my new tooth/teeth?

Your new teeth are strong and safe – you can eat, speak and smile without any concerns.

Can I be allergic to implants?

Allergy to titanium is very rare. It is advisable to inform your dentist about any allergies or medical conditions.