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The first dental appointment

There are several ways to book a dental appointment:

By calling the front desk of one of the clinics or sending an e-mail message

By completing the application form at the website, section: Contact

By visiting our clinic and booking a dental appointment on site 

While waiting for the date of the dental appointment you can fill in the Health Condition Questionnaire whose completion is necessary before the first dental appointment. By obtaining the answers to questions asked in the Questionnaire we are able to prepare a better treatment plan. The information included in it is subject to personal data protection. 

The Questionnaire can be scanned and sent via e-mail at the address:

You can also come with the completed Questionnaire and submit it directly at the front desk before the dental appointment. Patients who will not complete the Questionnaire in the house are requested to report to the dental appointment 15 minutes earlier. 

Pobierz kwestionariusz stanu zdrowia (GORLICE)

Pobierz kwestionariusz stanu zdrowia (KRAKÓW)

pierwsza wizyta

While waiting for the dental appointment at the reception desk, you can use Wi-Fi Internet connection, read current newspapers and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste are available from the registration clerk free of charge. We make every effort to ensure that all dental appointments start on time, therefore any exceptions from this rule are due to unforeseen extensions of the medical procedure.

Please, bring your current medical records or their copy with you if you have them. We have full radiological diagnostics at both clinics. This means that the patient is not referred to other centres for full diagnosis and treatment plan.